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Over 60 years of combined experience allows us to offer expertise in classic and vintage bikes, frame repair, frame work, as well as provide a full range of services, including custom builds, wheel builds, drivetrain cleans, and full re-packs. 



A tune-up is an essential part of keeping your bike riding safely and efficiently. It is a service that we want to make accessible to all riders. Compare our $39 complete tune up to our competitors!  We adjust the gear system, brakes, bottom bracket, headset, and wheel bearings, true the rims, check spoke tension, frame alignment, air pressure, and drive train wear.  We also lube the gear system, brakes, the cables, and any other moving points.

What You Get For $45

Adjust Gears

Adjust Brakes

Tighten Bearings

True Wheels

Check Assembly

Lubricate Parts

We work on a drop-off system, and only book appointments for tricycles & e-bikes due to their size.

When you arrive, we will put together a free estimate for the service and discuss any other changes you want to make. 

Before you leave, we'll also give you a guaranteed date of return for your repair.  

We're happy to work on any brand of bicycle & most e-bikes, wheelchairs, & strollers.

A deposit will be required on bikes when the cost of the repair outweighs the value of the bike. 

Bikes left over six months will be sold for the cost of the repair bill plus storage. 

Contact us to schedule your bike service today.


Projects are great, but are often more involved than most people anticipate. When we build custom frames, or when we work on a custom build for someone’s pre-existing frame, we provide our customers with an open, patient approach. After all, it is your chance to build a dream bike. A lot of time is put into understanding that dream, providing component options and estimates, realizing the concept, and, most importantly getting that maiden voyage out on the road or trail!

What this means for you: if you are starting a new bicycle project, like a lot of people, there are questions to be answered and problems to be solved. You can always come in and brainstorm with us. We’ll be happy to sell you the tools you’ll need, or the parts you are looking for, or, in some cases, take the frame off your hands and return it shortly after a fully-formed dream machine.

Take a look at some of our past builds!