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Ed Gaddy

While attending NCSU studying Aerospace Engineering, I bought a 10 speed  bike to get around. I became fascinated with pedal-powered transportation, and set out on a mission to save the planet from the internal combustion engine. I rode bikes everywhere I went, and even gave up driving for 10 years. Every chance I got, I was working on a bicycle. In the early 70's I got a job at the local bike shop. I was obsessed with bikes. I lived, ate, & slept bicycles. Although I only made $1.65 per hour, I was being paid to have fun. What a scam, I thought; Aerospace Engineering began to look like very dull life.

After working at several bike shops as a mechanic, I moved up the food chain to head mechanic and manager. After I helped open several shops for other people, I felt it was time to go at it alone.  In 1974 I opened Cycle Logic with $500. The location was a small house on Hillsborough St. The living room was the display area and the repair shop. Spare bedrooms were used for storage of repairs and new bikes. Yes, I lived in the same house! People laughed when they saw us eating at the kitchen table. At first I made only $20 per week. The pressure to get a “real job” and give up this idea came from family and friends. Many competitors laughed at my little shop and told me how they would put me out of business. They are no longer in business, Cycle Logic is still here!

When the rent was raised a couple of years later, we moved down the street a  few blocks. In 1980 Cycle Logic moved to its present location (1211 Hillsborough St). The same year we incorporated as Cycle-Logic Inc. The next thing I know, it’s 2014.  Over the years I’ve had great employees, friends, and customers helping me out. I couldn’t have made it without you!

Minori Sanchiz-Fung


I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to North Carolina at the age of ten.  In 2005, while living in Raleigh, I got my first bike shop job at Cycle Logic. The following 5 years were spent working at some of the top racing shops in New York City, as a mechanic and service manager for both Sid’s Bikes NYC, and Ride Brooklyn. Now I will try combining the steel and touring history of the shop, with the latest and most exciting from the cycling world of today. 

I have ridden all over the US: favorites include: Coastal Maine, The Florida Keys, Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, and British Columbia.

I paint large acrylic scapes on wood and canvas. I just released a book of short stories in San Francisco, and a prose text in collaboration with visual artist Mickey Remains. I collaborate on an improvisational sound project called de_Plata.

A sum of my creative work can be found at:

Brett Villena


I am a Raleigh native, and joined the Cycle Logic team in the Spring of 2018. Growing up, I loved riding bikes, and since starting this job I have enjoyed the process of learning to maintain and repair a myriad of different wheeled machines. I find it a unique and exciting opportunity to work in a space in our community that embraces the history and traditions of cycling, and am looking forward to what comes next as the shop continues to grow and thrive in yet another new era.

I also work as a photographer and designer, and hope to use these skills to help tell our story as we press on. 

Evan Willis


I grew up in Kitty Hawk, NC and mostly kicked around on rusted-out cruisers and a variety of boards. I found myself in Raleigh studying Chemistry with a wrecked vehicle and an old 12-speed. It wasn't too long until I had a broken 12-speed and I was walking it to Cycle Logic. Minori got me stitched up time and time again. Bike-commuting turned very quickly from a gauntlet to a passion and I fell deeply in love with the urban mash. I decided I wanted to expand my definition of cycling and picked up some hours at Cycle Logic! I prefer to be outdoors and I like the sensation of acceleration. Amped to be a part of this community and I can't wait to help promote the stoke!!!

Kyle Henriksen


Although I had a bike as a child and from time to time as a young adult, within the last 3 years I have truly fallen in love with with riding my bike! I fell in love with the daily commute, using my bike as my daily driver for groceries, out-and-about, weekly rides to Durham to see my partner, and even a couple trips to Wrightsville Beach! Now that I'm spending a lot of time on my bike I want to learn the ins-and-outs on how to fix it for when I'm out in the middle of nowhere! It's ironic that this desire for self reliance came when I really needed a job. Lucky for me I got to combine a passion with a paycheck which has led me here to Cycle Logic. So happy to be in this wonderful environment learning about bikes! Feeling pretty lucky these days!

Jack Harrington


I was born In New Hampshire and after living in Massachusetts and New York I ended up in North Carolina in the 7th grade. Early on in High school I got started on a local youth triathlon team and fell in love with running, swimming, and of course cycling. I raced a bunch of triathlons ranging from sprint distance up to a 70.3. After high school I decided to go to NCSU and major in fisheries, wildlife and conservation biology. During my freshman year at school I joined the cycling club to be able to ride with friends and race the collegiate season in the spring. As I was riding with the cycling club and racing bikes I often found myself in cycle logic for tune-ups and repairs, and I fell In love with the shop. After hearing that they were looking for someone to help out and work I decided it would be a perfect fit, and the rest is history.

Henry Jennings


I grew up in a small town here in North Carolina, called Washington, and came to NC State as a freshman in 2019. Without my car at school, I quickly realized I would need some transportation, and thus my relationship with Cycle Logic began.  The gang happily got me sorted with the cheapest, most bare bones bike they had for me to knock around with, and kept it rollin’ all through my time here as I wore it out on campus.  When I started my final year as an undergraduate student, I found my apartment was just within a short walk of the shop.  One afternoon I decided I’d walk over and see if those cool folks at the bike shop needed any help, and Minori said they’d see me Monday. I’m beyond grateful for the chance to work with this crew, and I’ve had a blast learning every time I come in.



aka Tooti. I am a three-year-old Catahoula-Shepherd mix from New Orleans, Louisiana. I love running through puddles, peanut butter treats, and playing with my toys.

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